Instrument Rental Program

Music Doctors’ rent-to-own program makes getting started in band or orchestra easier and more affordable for students and their families. All our instrument rental programs are rent to own.

Why should I rent an instrument?
Our Rent to Own Program is an affordable way for your child or student to try band without having to purchase an instrument.
Can I purchase the instrument I rent?
Yes. In fact, all your payments, less taxes and maintenance and repair (M&R) fees apply toward the purchase of your instrument.
May I return the instrument if my child quits band?
Yes. If your child decides that band or orchestra isn’t for them, you may return the instrument at anytime with payments stopping at that time. (All payments must be up to date.)
How much are rental payments?
Most instruments rent for as little as $35 per month.
Will I rent a new or used instrument?
Most instruments are new. You may opt to rent a used instrument if one is available.
What about needed repairs?
With our M&R (maintenance and repair) Coverage, any repairs required (not due to abuse or neglect) during the rental period are performed free of charge.
What is M&R Coverage?
M&R (maintenance and repair) covers all repairs needed to keep the instrument in playing condition. It does not cover cleaning, polishing or regular preventative maintenance, lacquered or plated finishes. Instrument accessories such as, but not limited to, head joint crowns, mouthpieces, ligatures, reeds, lyres, swabs, cases, drum heads, drum sticks, stands, snares, cork grease, lubricants or any other accessories are not covered by the M&R Coverage. All repairs must be performed by our technicians. See complete conditions on contract.

Monthly Rental Fees

Flute or Clarinet
$35 down + $35 per month
Trumpet or Trombone
$35 down + $35 per month
Alto Sax
$57 down + $57 per month
Tenor Sax 
$67 down + $67 per month
Baritone or Euphonium
$67 down + $67 per month
Percussion Kit, Snare Kit, or Combo
$30 down + $30 per month

How to Apply

To rent a musical instrument through Music Doctors’ rent-to-own program, print and complete the pdf form found below (or the form you received from your band or orchestra director). Then, mail it in or bring it in to our store at 2465 Memorial Blvd. E, Kingsport, TN  37664. A valid credit card is required, debit cards do not qualify. Call ahead to 423.246.6220 for instrument availability—you may be able to pick up your student’s instrument the same day you apply!